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Brad Katsuyama speaks to a group.

Center for Business Ethics

The Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics seeks to: bring people together in the discussion of business ethics, help empower business leaders to face the current crisis in business ethics, and educate ethical business leaders for a better society.

In Memory of Harry N. Hollis

Harry Hollis

Harry Newcombe Hollis was a very important figure at Belmont University. He not only brought the first Business Ethics course to Belmont in the early 1990s, which was one of the first in the country, he also co-founded Belmont's Center for Business Ethics in 1994.

He spent his life helping others, sharing his passion for Ethics, and always doing the right things. A close friend described him best as a "Christian, Ethicist, Thelogian, Churchman, Gentleman, Encourager, Minister."

Dr. Hollis will be remembered by faculty members and the 6,000 students he taught, as a very passionate man, a beloved professor, and someone with a high moral and ethical character.

Harry N. Hollis will never be forgotten as his legacy lives on through those of us who were fortunate to have worked alongside him. Dr. Hollis passed away on September 13, 2020. 

A Culture of Business Ethics

Today, more than ever, issues of ethics and character play a pivotal role in the culture of business and, regardless of your ambitions and your endeavors, understanding and consideration of the foundations of business ethics is critical to the well-being of your organization. The Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics in the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University focuses on creating ethical business leaders for a better society.

From the beginning, the Center for Business Ethics has focused on developing practical approaches to enable people to deal successfully with the tough ethical issues and decisions they face in the workplace. A major goal of the Center is to develop ethical leadership which will strengthen organizations as they seek to build and nurture ethical cultures.

The Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University has been recognized for its Business Ethics program by BusinessWeek in its national undergraduate rankings.

Convocation Events Sponsored by the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics

Belmont University wants students to have a common or shared experience that promotes the development of a well-rounded individual by encouraging learning outside the classroom and life-long learning. Convocation events serve as an educational tool toward that end. Consistent with this goal, outside speakers and business leaders are brought to campus to address topics of business ethics. Often open to the public, events sponsored by the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics are regularly attended by students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs within the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University. Past convocation speakers sponsored by the Center

The Harry N. Hollis Student of Integrity Award

This is an annual award in honor of Dr. Harry N. Hollis, Co-founder and Director of the Center for Business Ethics at Belmont for 15 years. It was made possible through an endowment underwritten by executives of the Tri-Star Health Systems and an anonymous donor. The First Place Award of $1000 is presented to a student at the annual Jack C. Massey College of Business Awards Event whose winning essay was selected by the judges. A Second Place Award of $500 is given to the runner-up. Each year the selected topic for the competition is reflective of a current and relevant ethical issue facing business leaders in today’s society.

Student Chapter of the Center for Public Trust (CPT)

The Edward C Kennedy Center for Business Ethics in association with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) sponsors the Belmont student chapter of CPT. The mission of the Student Center for Public Trust is to promote ethical thinking in the developing character and conscience of students. Activities include student led presentations and discussions of current ethical issues in business, Ethics in Action video competition, leadership development, community service and ethics case competitions. The Belmont chapter is a multi-year Golden Star Chapter winner.