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Center For International Business

The Center for International Business (CIB) serves as a center of excellence through which Belmont University's Jack C. Massey College of Business (MCB) implements numerous internationalization and global outreach activities.

The Mission of the Center for International Business is to create international trade and business awareness, knowledge, and opportunities for each of our stakeholders through excellent teaching, research and service.

Learn more about our academic, business and community initiatives by downloading and reading our current brochure.

Five main objectives make up the core of CIB programming. These objectives were designed to help prepare our students and the greater-Nashville commnity to think and act with a global mindset. 

Internationalize Curriculum
Provide Experience Abroad
Develop Career Opportunities
Increase Global Awareness
Facilitate Community Connections

Why Study International Business?

The workplace is becoming increasingly international in scope. A successful manager in an international environment needs knowledge and skills that extend beyond the business disciplines. For this reason, we have internationalized our curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

What skills will I need to be successful in international business?

In addition to an overall comprehension of business administration, successful international business professionals often exhibit the following traits:

  • Cultural sensitivity
    Even well-known corporate giants have erred unintentionally when they fail to research cultural beliefs and traditions in new markets. You must be able to speak more than one language and should be well versed in the practices of the country where you work; a simple blunder, like an improper business card exchange, can offend potential clients.
  • Patience and flexibility
    Do not expect to start work in Paris or Hong Kong. Most international business women and men begin their careers in domestic operations and advance to positions abroad after demonstrating prowess at home. When new markets open to your company, opportunities may arise in countries that you never considered. If you long to be an international executive, be wiling to accept a position in Eastern Europe. Your achievements there might help you secure the job of your dreams in Latin America.
  • People skills
    Whether you pitch products to upper-level executives or assist customers during sales, you need to know how to work with diverse groups of individuals who come from very different cultural backgrounds. Understanding the needs of clients is crucial to your success, as is the ability to perform as part of a multinational team.
  • Communication skills
    To excel in business, you must be able to convey your ideas effectively and efficiently. You should be a proficient speaker and writer. Take time to research which languages are most important in your field. For finance careers, Asian and Latin American languages are useful. If you are interested in information systems management, consider Russian or the languages of developing nations.
  • Creativity
    Turn your ideas into marketing tools and you will become a valued employee. Creativity is vital to multinational corporations, which must sell their products to a variety of customers. If your concept successfully redesigns a popular American product for sales in New Zealand, it may propel you into a management position.
  • The ability to work under pressure
    The launch of a new ad campaign or product is extremely intense; unforeseen cultural issues and trade barriers can arise at the last minute. You will be at a competitive advantage if you can meet impending deadlines quickly.