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Photo of the Wilson Music Building. A student carrying an instrument case walks in front.

Friends of the Arts at Belmont

The Friends of the Arts at Belmont (FAB) is a group of community leaders and volunteers committed to supporting the College of Music and Performing Arts at Belmont University. The College of Music and Performing Arts (CMPA) is composed of the School of Music and Department of Theatre and Dance.

FAB members agree to support the CMPA through efforts to:

  • raise awareness and support the programs the CMPA by attending and inviting community members to various programs throughout the school year
  • provide financial support for scholarships and special projects for the CMPA through the President’s Dinner and Concert and individual donations
  • provide professional guidance and career opportunities to the students and faculty of the CMPA

For more information on FAB or to make a donation to the CMPA scholarship funds, contact the College of Music and Performing Arts Director of PR/Advancement at 615.460.8115.

Past Presidents of FAB

Jim Aderhold
Sam Allen
Pat Bullard
Ann Bumstead
Sigourney Cheek
Arlyn Cherney
Jamie Dunham
Rick Hart
Bob Ikard
Anne Knestrick

Ann Lautherbach
Diane LeBlanc
X Lucas
Jim Perry
Cecile Settle
Sharon Sheriff
Anne Shepherd
Chris Simonsen
Randy Smith
Hagan Stone
Andy Valentine