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Students learn in an audio lab at the Johnson Center.

Emerging Media

One of the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business’ latest developments EMERGES.


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Natalie Peterson
Admissions Coordinator
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The word “emerge” means to become apparent, important or prominent. Media by definition is the main means of mass communication. Combining these two words to create the phrase “emerging media” signifies our goal to prepare students to contribute to the prominent developments in information dissemination leveraging the evolution of the technology and in the tools for communication. The Emerging Media major is designed to help students better understand, engage and navigate the digital world. The pandemic demonstrates how important it is for students to be adaptable and flexible in this ever-changing industry. Borrowing from futurist Gerd Leonhard, students will be trained to analyze the past, present and future impact of mobilization, "screenification" and digitization. 

As artificial intelligence becomes ever present, students must be better versed in the legal, practical and ethical issues it creates. In the age of data mining and machine learning, the Emerging Media major will also help prepare students to best discern the relationship between technology, media and humanity. In addition to learning how to create content for multiple platforms, special emphasis is on answering the question, “just because we can, should we?”

As technologies emerge, students must be able to adapt to them and to expand their creativity. They will learn how to leverage big data and technology for careers in emerging digital media with roles ranging from content creators and policy makers to digital leaders and strategists.  

Ultimately, majors can apply their theoretical understanding to create a portfolio of what they learn across various platforms including podcasting and virtual shows. It’s the ideal marriage of practice and theory to produce projects with impact. Emerging Media major students may secure employment with technology companies like Amazon, Apple and Google, media companies like Walt Disney, Comcast and Netflix or work for governmental agencies on policy creation. And of course, they can create their own path as content creators on YouTube, Instagram and beyond. This major is indeed emerging.