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Students studying Publishing at Belmont choose from a B.A. or B.S. in Publishing with a choice of the Editorial Track or Marketing and Publicity Track. There is also a minor option in either track.

Nashville is the second largest publishing market in the country and Belmont’s relationship with the Nashville business community offers numerous advantages to students including beneficial internships, exposure to industry leaders and access to cutting edge innovations that will help shape the direction of the industry.

Publishing has evolved from the earliest experimentation with typeset and printmaking to our modern usage of mobile web technology. Belmont publishing students engage with historical elements of the publishing industry while learning philosophical and ethical modes of expressing thoughts through the written word. We equip students with the literary knowledge, writing foundation, and business acumen necessary to become experts in managing authors and their careers.

The “big picture” outlook on how publishing operates in our world now is paired with hands-on project-based learning that helps students develop the skills they need to join this fast-paced and competitive industry. Whether it is through our survey of all magazine and book publishing, or more specific courses designed to impart knowledge of more niche areas of the business, publishing students collaborate with one another and with the many industry professionals involved with this dynamic learning environment.

For students wanting to gain experience outside of Nashville, they can take advantage of studying at Belmont East for a semester, Belmont University’s satellite campus in New York City, which is the number one market for the publishing industry. Study Abroad and Belmont West in Los Angeles offer additional opportunities for students looking to build a broad base of experience as they intern.

Students also have the opportunity to work for Belmont publications such as Belmont Story Review and The Belmont Literary Journal.

For more information contact:

Sara Wigal
Director of Publishing