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Grants & Sponsored Research

Role of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR) works with faculty to identify potential grants and funded research opportunities; to discuss grants and sponsored research ideas with faculty and staff members; and, to provide consultation regarding budget and compliance issues regarding program funding and management instructions. The OGSR is housed in Academic Affairs reporting through the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Phil Johnston.

The OSGR focuses on support services for those faculty and staff interested in writing grants for their own research and scholarly agendas, for program and curricula development; and in support of other College-specific projects. While the OSGR consults with faculty on developing grant proposals, OGSR does not provide grant writing services. The OGSR works in collaboration with Jenny Mills (Bunch Library), who manages the SPIN database, and Cindy White, who serves as an external grants consultant for the University.

Faculty and staff members who are interested in pursuing external grant opportunities are encouraged to first speak with their department chairs and deans about program and professional development needs, and, when possible collaborate with OSGR and partners on - and off - campus in pursuit of funding opportunities.

If you are a student interested in conducting research or applying for a grant with a faculty member, please consult your major professor or faculty advisor.

Relationship with the Office of Development and External Relations

The Belmont University Office of Development and External Relations, under the leadership of Dr. Perry Moulds, seeks and organizes the University’s engagement with external, individual and corporate parties interested in supporting the mission, vision, and values of Belmont University and its students through private and/or corporate giving.

Faculty who may have networked with potential donors are encouraged to contact Dr. Moulds’ office for guidance on how to pursue a gift opportunity.

For more information on Grants and Sponsored Research, contact:

Dr. Phil JohnstonVice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jenny Mills, Reference Librarian for Bunch Library

Cindy White, Grants Consultant

Sally Barton-Arwood, Chair of IRB and AXIOM manager

Adam Buckheister, Grant Accountant