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Dr. Mimi Barnard and students on a study abroad program in Rome


Dr. Mimi BarnardWelcome From the Associate Provost

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies & Global Education (ISGE) at Belmont. I’m thrilled you’re interested in our academic programs – we want to help you realize your interests and talents, to be prepared to engage and transform the world with disciplined intelligence, courage and faith.

Several years ago, I was at an education conference in Berlin, where I heard Jaime Casap, Google’s Global Education Evangelist, speak about some of the world’s greatest problems and the imperative for a globally competent workforce. Instead of asking students what they wanted to major in or what their favorite subject was, Casap said to ask them, “What world problem do you want to help solve?” I would add, “What community, state or national problem do you want to help solve? Also, how do you imagine yourself working in the future? In an office? On a ship? In a classroom? Outdoors? As part of a team?” The future requires that workers will be able to communicate with others from disparate backgrounds to collaborate together towards a shared goal – in many professional contexts, workers will be organized into interdisciplinary teams.

Since 2012, the mission of ISGE has been to broaden the reach of Belmont University. Home to interdisciplinary majors in Global Leadership Studies and Legal Studies 3+3;  Belmont’s Honors Program; International Students & Scholar Services;  Belmont’s nationally ranked Study Abroad and Belmont USA programs, ISGE is committed to helping our students move from the classroom into the world – From Here to Anywhere.  Via these high impact programs, ISGE places more than 1,000 students in more than 60 countries and on six continents to pursue study, research, internships and community service each year.

As you identify the world problems you want to solve, ISGE is uniquely positioned to equip you with the interdisciplinary thinking, innovative coursework, leadership skills and unparalleled global experiences you will need to solve those problems.

However you choose to shape your time in ISGE, you can be sure that your experience will be transformational. As you consider the options that best meet your goals, I hope you decide to become one of the next generation of world problem-solvers who will call ISGE home.


Dr. Mimi Barnard
Associate Provost, Interdisciplinary Studies & Global Education