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Message from the Dean

In my professional experience, lawyers are a tremendous force for good. At Belmont Law we believe lawyers have a special responsibility in American society. We value public service, and our goal is to produce leaders in the bar and in our community. We incorporate ethics, professionalism and integrity into everything we do. We believe law students become professionals on the day they enter law school and not on the day they graduate.AlbertoGonzales201-copy-cropped.jpg

During my career as a lawyer I have witnessed numerous changes in our profession. For one, law firms today expect new lawyers to “hit the ground running.” Consequently, the Belmont Law faculty of experienced teachers, scholars and practicing attorneys integrate traditional legal analysis and practical legal skills, with the goal of graduating practice-ready attorneys for today’s global market.

Additionally, today it is more common for someone with a law degree to have multiple careers with different employers. A quality legal education is the foundation that provides the flexibility to pursue one’s dreams. At Belmont Law we take seriously our obligation to help prepare our students to make the choices that will lead to a more productive and satisfying life.

We hope you will take the opportunity to review our website and learn more. We also invite you to visit us in the vibrant city of Nashville. It would be my pleasure to meet with you personally to explore how Belmont Law can prepare you to become a successful attorney, or more generally, the many opportunities to serve others with a law degree.

Hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Alberto R. Gonzales
Dean and Doyle Rogers Distinguished Professor of Law