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Juris Doctor Program

The Juris Doctor program’s curriculum integrates legal analysis, practical legal skills, and professionalism in an approach in which each semester builds upon the prior semester.  The first-year comprises of fundamental courses such as Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Property and Torts.  The second-year is comprised of expertise course work.  The third-year is comprised of capstone electives.  Students must successfully complete 88 credit hours to be awarded the Juris Doctor.

The unique aspect of Belmont Law’s curriculum is the Practicum offered in each semester.  Through practicum work, students become proficient in the “practice” of law.  Students receive instruction in all aspects of the practice of law such as legal writing, legal research, client interviewing and counseling, litigation, negotiation, and other specialized areas.  Also, students must complete a rigorous writing requirement during the second-year or third-year to complete graduation requirements.
First Year (Fundamental Year)
Fall Semester
Civil Procedure I: Mechanics (3)
Contracts & Sales (4)
Practicum - Legal Information & Communication I (3)
Torts (4)
Total Credits (14)
Spring Semester
Civil Procedure II: Jurisdiction (3)
Constitutional Law I: Powers & Structures (3)
Criminal Law (3) 
Practicum - Legal Information & Communication II (3)
Property (3)
Total Credits (15)
Second Year (Expertise Year)
Fall Semester
Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights (3)
Evidence (4)
Wills & Trusts (3)
Practicum (2)
Elective (3)
Total Credits (15)
Spring Semester
Business Associations (4) 
Criminal Constitutional Law (3)
Professional Responsibility (3)
Practicum (2)
Electives (4)
Total Credits (16)
Third Year (Capstone Year)
Fall Semester
Secured Transactions (2)
Practicum (2)
Electives (8)
Total Credits (14)
Spring Semester
Bar Refresher Course (5)
Practicum (2)
Electives (7)
Total Credits (14) 
Total Credits Required for Graduation: 88

Certificates within the Juris Doctor Program

Criminal Law Certificate
Entertainment & Music Business Law Certificate
Health Law Certificate