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Why history? Because it matters.


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Curiosity is a connection.

History is the study of human change over time, but it’s so much more than that. History encourages a way of thinking totally unique among the traditional liberal arts disciplines and encompasses every form of human activity imaginable. History matters because its study is essential for learning how to live well.

History is relevant. Studying past experiences through observation, awareness and communication allows us to learn from the past. Recognizing that human experience is continuous, historians seek to understand how people lived in the past and how their actions, institutions and leadership shaped their world and how they continue to influence our own.

At Belmont, history students enjoy small classes and dedicated faculty who will challenge you to think critically and creatively, always engaging both your intellect and imagination to explore the past. You will learn to embrace the complex and subjective, to empathize with others’ experiences, and to find joy in curiosity, all while preparing you for a dynamic future.

Because of its uniqueness, the study of history sharpens the mind for any other pursuit. Belmont’s Department of History fosters students' abilities to read critically, think analytically and communicate ideas effectively, examining human problems in light of ethical values, political, cultural, intellectual and religious traditions. These skills prepare students with marketable assets transferable to numerous career opportunities.