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PharmD Curriculum

The PharmD curriculum at Belmont University prepares pharmacists to meet the demands of evolving contemporary practice with specialized concentrations (tabbed below) that enhance the traditional pre-professional preparation in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice. No other pharmacy school offers such opportunity.

At Belmont, students take 30 semester credit hours of electives to build upon the foundation of pharmacy coursework with at least 18 credit hours in a chosen concentration. Students complete these elective courses within their selected concentration across years two, three, and four of the program.

The curriculum is designed to integrate teaching and learning methods that cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to answer questions of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

During the first year, the curriculum builds a foundation of knowledge with theoretically-focused lectures designed to develop content mastery. In years two and three, coursework compliments and extends the first-year experience with more small-group seminars to increase team-based learning with therapeutic case studies. Progressively, the curriculum becomes more focused on individualized instruction and assessment through active-learning that challenges students to demonstrate higher-order critical-thinking, clinical expertise, mature communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Link to Belmont University Catalog for PharmD Curriculum and Course Descriptions

  • Advanced Pharmacotherapy

    All student pharmacists at Belmont acquire skills and competencies in direct patient care, age-related variances in therapy and all levels of treatment from intensive care to self-care. To complement these important competencies, students who elect the Advanced Pharmacotherapy concentration will choose from a wide variety of specialty electives and experiences focusing on specific disease processes or patient populations such as hospice, oncology, geriatrics, pediatrics, pharmacy compounding and pharmaceutical research.

  • Healthcare Informatics


    Student pharmacists at Belmont who choose the Healthcare Informatics concentration will have the opportunity to experience multiple sites that utilize electronic health records, dashboard data for production efficiency, drug interaction data, clinical decision support information, robotic processing methods, supply chain information, as well as the sites that propose and design such systems. These experiential opportunities are enhanced through a number of electives focusing on Healthcare Information and Management systems.


  • Pharmacy Management

    All student pharmacists at Belmont learn foundational principles in management, but within the concentration, students have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into management principles through their elective choices. These students will work side by side with pharmacists who are focused on advanced personnel management, hospital pharmacy administration, contract and financial management, LEAN processes, health economics, quality improvement methods, and negotiation skills.

  • Public Health/Missions

    Above all else, the profession of pharmacy is about serving others. At Belmont, students who choose the public health/missions concentration have the opportunity to take electives and work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to serve a wide array of patients. Student pharmacist may have the opportunity to serve refugees, indigent and marginalized patients. There are also travel opportunities to serve patients in developing countries.

  • PharmD/MBA

    For those students who already have a bachelor’s degree, the PharmD/MBA dual degree program provides a unique opportunity for cutting-edge education. The Belmont University College of Pharmacy and the Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business prepare students for roles as executives and managers in the pharmaceutical industry and in health care delivery systems. Students can complete all requirements for both degrees within four years at a significant tuition savings while benefiting from Belmont’s signature personal interaction with experienced, highly regarded faculty.


    Click here for more detailed information about the PharmD/MBA dual degree.


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