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Students in a lab using pipettes to fill test tubes

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The impact of scientific advances on our everyday lives is difficult to ignore.


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Gail Martin
Admissions Coordinator
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Whether it is the discovery of a novel disease, a new understanding of molecules that contribute to a known disease, or an innovative technology to treat these diseases, biochemistry and molecular biology have contributed greatly to the ways we maintain our health and view the environment around us.

Because of the enormous influence of these disciplines over the past fifty years since the understanding of the structure of DNA, the departments of Biology and Chemistry/Physics have developed a shared major to train students in this exciting and relevant area of study. This major combines focused coursework and challenging research experiences to prepare students for graduate studies in research or medical school.

The coursework includes classes in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysical Chemistry, and Cell Biology, as well as a choice of many upper level disciplinary courses, such as Neurobiology and Cancer Biology. As a complement to the courses offered, students complete a research sequence that allows them to participate in the process by which scientists make the discoveries that they read about in their courses. This includes development of a research project, mastering of experimental protocols and laboratory skills, analysis of data, and dissemination of information in poster and oral presentations. These course and research requirements are excellent preparation for admission into doctoral programs or medical school.