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A student using a microscope to examine cultures he is applying with a pipette


Applying physics principles and theories to biological study to learn how organisms function.


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Gail Martin
Admissions Coordinator
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The Biophysics major focuses on the intersection of physics with the life sciences. Biophysical concepts are fundamental to understanding the mechanics of how an organism’s molecules are formed, how different parts of a cell move and function, and how complex systems in our bodies—the brain, circulation, immune system, and others— work. Belmont’s Biophysics major is ideal for students pursuing careers in biophysics, graduate or professional programs in areas such as medical physics, medical school, dental school, and graduate study in biomedical science.

This program provides students with unique opportunities:

  • Interdisciplinary Courses:A core set of science courses, including coursework in physics, biology, and chemistry, provides students with a strong foundation to understand the physics taking place at the center of biological applications.
  • Customizable Curriculum Tracks: With emphases in Pre-Health and Biophysics, this major allows students to tailor their curricular path to obtain the foundation and background knowledge necessary for the workforce or future study.
  • Research Emphasis:Completion of an original research project on a topic related to Biophysics provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experiential knowledge of the field of Biophysics.
  • Mentoring Opportunities:Mentoring by faculty advisors helps students become competitive candidates to enter the workforce after graduation or pursue further study across an assortment of graduate programs, including engineering programs, bio-physical research programs, medical school, and other pre-health programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.