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Acceptable Use Guidelines

Belmont University participates in social media as a digital forum to discuss all things related to Belmont University, its prospective and current students, alumni, programs and events. In addition to frequent updates on events and news about the Belmont campus and community, the Office of Communications may utilize Belmont’s social media accounts as a messaging platform to communicate important information in the event of a crisis.

Belmont University’s Social Media Acceptable Use Guidelines applies to official accounts that represent Belmont University and its owned and operated entities, teams, groups and departments. 

Belmont social media administrators will hide or block users who attempt to spam those accounts. We will also remove posts that advertise products/services or promote events/ideas that are not in consonance with the University mission or violate principles, policies or statements within the University handbooks, which govern campus policies (the Bruin Guide for students and the employee handbooks).

Also, while we respect individual opinions, we will remove posts of a vulgar nature or ones that do not contribute to a civil discussion, including posts that are:

  • Considered to be abuse, bullying, defamation, threats, intimidation, harassment, hazing, coercion and/or other conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person
  • Deemed lewd, profane or intentionally misleading
  • Sexually explicit or obscene
  • Racially or ethnically offensive
  • In violation of privacy or copyright law
  • Representative of violence
  • Contrary to the University’s mission and values
We reserve the right to delete posts or comments that contain any language contrary to the policy above at any time without consent or warning. Any potential violations of the Code of Conduct by students on social media platforms will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.