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Biblical Studies


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Cory Bishop
Program Assistant
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No other book has had a greater impact on Western civilization than the Bible. These ancient texts that compose the Word of God are worthy of careful study and close examination. And as a Biblical Studies major in Belmont’s College of Theology & Christian Ministry, you will dive deep into the Scriptures, working to understand their literary, historical and geographical contexts and apply their meaning to our lives today. Given the ecumenical nature of our program, you’ll also be looking at Scripture from different theological and historical traditions.

While students can study the Bible for a number of reasons, including as a wide-ranging collection of literature, the majority of our students in Biblical Studies are preparing for careers as pastors or academic scholars.

Belmont students, regardless of major, complete the university’s general education BELL Core—taking classes in humanities, social sciences, arts, quantitative reasoning and wellness that together provide a classic liberal arts education. All students in the College of Theology & Christian Ministry also take the same core classes in theology, church history, Christian ethics, spiritual formation and Christian life. In addition to providing a stronger foundation of spiritual formation and theology, nearly two-thirds of the Biblical Studies major involve direct study of the Scriptures.