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Christian Leadership


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Geared toward simultaneously deepening your faith understanding and building your leadership skills, the Christian Leadership major at Belmont University’s College of Theology & Christian Ministry is the ideal degree for someone who wants to prepare to serve in a wide range of ministry contexts. Courses are geared toward building both your pastoral and leadership skills, preparing you to minister to a community of people while equipping you to lead a church, Christian organization or nonprofit entity.

In addition to taking the required courses for all Belmont students and the core classes that are common across all College of Theology & Christian Ministry majors, students in the Christian Leadership program explore biblical studies, develop their ministry approach and learn practical leadership skills like time management, budgeting, interpersonal relationships, planning, organizing and decision making.

The capstone of the Christian Leadership program is a three-hour experiential learning course that gives students the practical skills in ministry under professional supervision, including a hospital visitation element, a pastoral internship and opportunities to work with Christian organizations.

Studying Christian Leadership at Belmont means having access to a wide range of churches and Christian organizations right in your backyard. From home and pocket churches to megachurches, from traditional to nontraditional worship styles and everything in between, Nashville offers every type of church structure, giving you ample opportunity to experience a variety of religious expressions. Nashville is also home to a number of thriving industries—like healthcare, religious publishing and ample nonprofits and social entrepreneurship efforts— that work closely with churches and Christian organizations. Whether you want to work in the church or in support of it, you’ll find ample opportunities here.

Belmont students, regardless of major, complete the university’s general education BELL Core—taking classes in humanities, social sciences, arts, quantitative reasoning and wellness that together provide a classic liberal arts education. All students in the College of Theology & Christian Ministry also take the same core classes in theology, church history, Christian ethics, spiritual formation and Christian life.