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Church Leadership & Administration


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Cory Bishop
Program Assistant
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Church Leadership & Administration is an innovative major offered by the College of Theology & Christian Ministry that recognizes the need for ministers, pastors and clergy leaders to better understand business principles, take a leadership role in how church business is conducted and improve the professionalism of their team. Even the pastor of a small church can be responsible for a six-figure budget and a multi-person staff, and this program aims to equip aspiring church leaders for every aspect of their future work.

Similar to our Christian Leadership major, the Church Leadership & Administration major prepares students for vocational ministry. It also requires students to pursue a minor in Business Administration and take additional courses in business and ethics.

Upon graduation, students have enough credits to move directly into a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. From there, students are positioned for success in roles ranging from church leadership to entrepreneurship.

Belmont students, regardless of major, complete the university’s general education BELL Core—taking classes in humanities, social sciences, arts, quantitative reasoning and wellness that together provide a classic liberal arts education. All students in the College of Theology & Christian Ministry also take the same core classes in theology, church history, Christian ethics, spiritual formation and Christian life.