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Philosophy of Religion


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Cory Bishop
Program Assistant
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Interested in religion and how it relates to larger philosophical issues in society? The Philosophy of Religion major is a joint program with Belmont’s Department of Philosophy. Students pursuing this major will take half of their classes in the College of Theology & Christian Ministry and the other half in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences' Department of Philosophy.

While this degree provides a strong foundation for graduate studies in philosophy or religion, many of our students choose this major simply because it provides a solid liberal arts education.

By studying the intersection of religion and philosophy, you’ll learn how to read thoughtfully, write clearly, think critically and converse meaningfully—all valuable skills for 21st century workers, no matter their chosen profession. Plus, this well-rounded education provides perfect preparation for deeper graduate study in theology or a number of other fields.

Belmont students, regardless of major, complete the university’s general education BELL Core—taking classes in humanities, social sciences, arts, quantitative reasoning and wellness that together provide a classic liberal arts education. All students in the College of Theology & Christian Ministry also take the same core classes in theology, church history, Christian ethics, spiritual formation and Christian life.